Being Green

What it means to be GreenSafeCertified™

Focusing on being green is a way of life. As individuals, we can all strive to use fewer and more sustainable resources, to use those resources efficiently, and to have as minimal a negative impact as we possibly can in our everyday lives. As companies, we can support the planet by concentrating on the same goals.

Being a responsible manufacturer starts with the materials employed. Every product displaying the GreenSafeCertifed™ emblem has been manufactured in an environmentally responsible manner, of materials that have been certified as safe and healthy.


GreenSafeCertified™ construction materials and components are selected by qualified and conscientious manufacturing design teams for their quality, integrity and environmental friendliness. Whenever possible, even if a bit more costly, the safest and most sustainable alternative is selected for use.


GreenSafeCertified™ products are manufactured using resources that are known to be less damaging to the environment, both in their initial procurement, as well as their eventual after-use disposal.

Recycling and recycled content:

For environmentally conscious individuals and businesses, using recycled materials, and participating in post-consumer recycling programs for everything from paper to plastic and glass, eco-friendly activities have become second nature. Particleboard wood products used in the manufacture of products are made entirely of CARB compliant recycled materials. Many other components used also contain varying and substantial levels of recycled material. In addition, every effort is being made to reduce waste, or to find ways in which we can be ever more vigilant in recycling scrap and waste to responsibly preserve the environment.