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The compression molding process used to form post consumer wood waste into usable "boards". This enables us to save 5,000 acres of virgin forest and divert nearly 10,000 tons of wood waste from landfills each year.

The relatively stable humus material that is produced from a process in which bacteria in soil break down organic materials.

The biological decomposition of organic material in the presence of air to form a humus-like material. Controlled methods of composting include mechanical mixing and aerating, ventilating the materials by dropping them through a vertical series of aerated chambers, or placing the compost in piles out in the open air and mixing it or turning it periodically.

A design protocol that advocates the elimination of waste by recycling a material or product into a new or similar product at the end of its intended life, rather than disposing of it.

Construction Waste Management Diverting construction debris from landfills through the processes of recycling, salvaging and reusing.